Beta6 Release

June 25 2020 —

• Beta6 release 

• Fix to the game not unpacking and loading properly in Windows systems due to filename error 

• Two Patron Commissions! This now also wraps up the Patron content for the time being

 • "Autoplay" system implemented — choose between three, four, and five second delays in the Option menu and play/pause from the UI element in the lower right corner of the Story tray

 • Slight adjustments to make the Status Tray more dynamic and reactive 

• Slight tweaks to the initial New Game experience 

• ESC key always returns to the top menu list instead of the last-used screen

 • Fixes to the music state not saving/loading correctly

 • TTS now has an independent sound control option

 • TTS will repeat previous text when navigating to dimmed passages

 • TTS will speak the current volume level when changing music, sound effects, and TTS

 • Tweaks to the opacity of previous passages 

• Music properly saves track and position between hubs and save game reloading 

• Custom cursor added

 • Added a glossary overlay to the menu 

• Glossary overlays have been increased in size slightly

 • Improvements to the navigation system for keyboard use

 • Secondary bindings implemented for controllers 

• Graphics options now include a font size toggle between three options

 • Fixes to some glossary terms not triggering when interacted with

 • Fixes to some glossary terms not being interactive if the term line-breaks mid-paragraph 

• Status of trays are properly reloaded when restoring saves 

• Fixes to some dialogs not properly progressing story when clicked

 • Patron code now works when entered mid-game 

• Fixes to Hub locations not showing on the overview map 

• Tweaks to some equipment, and fixes to some equipment with incorrect stats 

• Fixes to wording on receiving and completing Objectives 

• Fixes to cursor "blinking" when transitioning between interactive and non-interactive states

 • Stowed trays are now properly non-interactive 

• Removed mouse scrolling — clicking and dragging now scrolls trays more intuitively and without accidental issues missing text because of the scroll wheel

 • "O" binds to Objectives by default and not the Options menu

• As Maladies increase, the UI will now reflect their progression in a more visually interesting capacity


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Version 10 Jun 25, 2020

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