Beta11 Release

Hullo all, this is a very small update bumping up the Unity version and a small improvement to the tutorial section (a lot of players continue to get stuck when you first get your starting gear and fail to put it on, which then causes problems later on if you're underskilled for the stat challenges — hopefully this makes it clearer!)

I'm still continuing to hammer out the game's writing, although the whiplash covid-related restrictions and lockdowns here in Melbourne have been a challenge to my creative energy. Still, it's progressing along, and with the engine basically finished (as well as pretty much all of the music and art assets) there's not much else to finish besides the story. It's getting there, and I still continue to work on the game regularly.

Hope you and your loved ones are safe, and enjoy the holiday season!

December 02 2021 —

• Beta11 release
• Updated Unity version to 2019.4.33f1
• Tweaks to the tutorial/internship sections and improvements to text on picking up your first gear

Files 547 MB
Version 3 Dec 14, 2021 547 MB
Version 2 Dec 02, 2021 556 MB
Version 22 Dec 02, 2021 552 MB
Version 21 Dec 02, 2021 557 MB
Version 22 Dec 02, 2021
Pre-Order (Releasing Q1 2024)
Version 15 Dec 02, 2021
Version 15 Dec 02, 2021
Beta Access (Early 2019)
Version 17 Dec 02, 2021

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poking around i read you got the big sick! get well soon!

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Beta Access (Early 2019)   

Version 17  13 hours ago  


Only the mac version is download ok...I don't use MAC.

Do I need to DL the non locked version 22 to get the Beta?

Hi Violette,

I think this is because the game isn't "released" yet and for whatever reason itch is locking out other downloads for now (super odd that the macOS version is available though, I have no idea why that's the case).

You can safely download the version for your operating system here, the beta updates are improvements to the engine and (besides the Patron content for pre-orders) there's no new story content.

Okay ^^

Thank you :)