Beta12 Release

A quick one updating some bugs I caught after the release earlier in the month. Happy holidays!

December 14 2021 —

• Beta12 release
• Fixed hover tooltip on the Body attribute not displaying the current value
• Some initial tweaks to how the Misfortunes work (this mostly has little relevance to the tutorial/demo section and will likely require balancing but for now the functionality is in place to make the Misfortunes more of a player balancing act when accumulating negative values)
• Fix to some passages breaking after the Nihility Encounter

Files 547 MB
Version 3 Dec 14, 2021 556 MB
Version 23 Dec 14, 2021 552 MB
Version 22 Dec 14, 2021 557 MB
Version 23 Dec 14, 2021
Version 18 Dec 14, 2021
Beta Access (Early 2019)
Version 18 Dec 14, 2021

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