Alpha1 release now live!

I'm extremely pleased to announce the initial release in the Alcyone: The Last City alpha — Alpha1!

Thank you all for being so patient as I've gotten this organised. This first release is a substantial change over the demo file I presented during Kickstarter; there's not any component of the game that hasn't been redone in some capacity. This portion of the game contains the same "areas" as in the original demo — character creation, a choice of two internship pathways with exposure to the Encounter system, and a secondary Encounter following completion of the internships. However, all of this has been rewritten and should look new even to players who saw the original demo.

Please leave comments/issues/questions in the thread I've created for the alpha here:

Alpha1 Release Notes — 30-04-2018

  • Total overhaul of the game's appearance compared to the demo
  • "Dyslexic-friendly" font from Fontsmith to improve overall readability
  • New splash, menu, and interstitial screens
  • Custom cursor icons
  • Consistent styling implemented for buttons & UI elements from the Twine engine & SugarCube 2 functionality
  • Massive editing/rewriting passthrough to the Alcyone prose 
  • Text is now broken up into much smaller "bubbles" to further improve readability
  • Implemented additional audio and visual effects
  • Preliminary fixes implemented for screen readers (this will require further testing)
  • Glossary tooltip system has been overhauled to improve functionality and readability
  • Better differentiation between dialogue "bubbles," story "bubbles," and more important game moments
  • Passage headers are separated and better differentiated from the rest of the story bubbles
  • Improvements to various CSS elements

If anything comes up please don't hesitate to let me know — enjoy!

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