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Alcyone: The Last City

A sci-fi interactive fiction game set in the last City in the universe. · By Joshua Meadows


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Beta12 Release
A quick one updating some bugs I caught after the release earlier in the month. Happy holidays! December 14 2021 — • Beta12 release • Fixed hover tooltip...
6 files
Beta11 Release
Hullo all, this is a very small update bumping up the Unity version and a small improvement to the tutorial section (a lot of players continue to get stuck when...
8 files
Beta10 Release
Hey all, a relatively small update in terms of fixes (though the fixes are a bit big!) as the engine is pretty much complete aside from a handful of things I've...
4 files
Beta9 Release
November 25 2020 — • Beta9 release • Updated Unity version to 2019.4.12f1 • Accessibility focus! • Big overhaul to keyboard navigation, elements shoul...
4 files
Beta8 Release
Relatively minor update but I think that's a good sign as the engine is about as polished as can be — I haven't found further bugs or issues after weeks of te...
7 files
Beta7 Update
August 10 2020 — • Beta7 release • New app icon! • Updated Unity version to 2019.4.7f1 • Updated TTS strings for tutorial images to reflect slight cha...
7 files
Beta6 Release
June 25 2020 — • Beta6 release • Fix to the game not unpacking and loading properly in Windows systems due to filename error • Two Patron Commissions...
1 file
Beta5 release
May 16 2019 • Beta5 release • Tweaks to the tutorial images • Additional graphics and sound options added to the menu • Improved scrolling on macOS •...
4 files
Last post
I've only just realised I forgot to put a thread up for the beta, and there have been quite a few releases for it alread...
started by Joshua Meadows May 11, 2019
18 replies
I'm extremely pleased to announce the initial release in the Alcyone: The Last City alpha — Alpha1! Thank you all for...
started by Joshua Meadows Apr 30, 2018
13 replies
Its cool it has TTS as an option, but i noticed there is no way to turn off the music, which i like to do anyway after w...
started by Daza May 12, 2019
1 reply
I get a bad directory name error or something like that. I did manage to download the demo from the website version of i...
started by Daza May 08, 2019
3 replies
" Alcyone: The Last City (pronounced Al-Sigh-O-Knee !) is a sci-fi interactive fiction game set in the last City in the...
started by Maxime Martyr Jan 27, 2019
6 replies
I just pre-ordered at the Alpha level, and I noticed that the game already has files available for download, even for th...
started by arashikou Sep 06, 2017
3 replies
At the risk of sounding like an idiot... what exactly am I to do with the files in the Linux 64bits demo version? I gath...
started by Alterion Sep 14, 2017
3 replies