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Alcyone: The Last City

A sci-fi interactive fiction game set in the last City in the universe. · By Joshua Meadows


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October update — huge Beta release, demo now on Steam, and Alcyone at VicScreen's Play Now event
Hello amazing backers! I have extremely exciting news to share with you all. Today, I'm releasing a huge upgrade to Alcyone that represents the hard work myself...
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Beta12 Release
A quick one updating some bugs I caught after the release earlier in the month. Happy holidays! December 14 2021 — • Beta12 release • Fixed hover tooltip...
6 files
Beta11 Release
Hullo all, this is a very small update bumping up the Unity version and a small improvement to the tutorial section (a lot of players continue to get stuck when...
8 files
Beta10 Release
Hey all, a relatively small update in terms of fixes (though the fixes are a bit big!) as the engine is pretty much complete aside from a handful of things I've...
4 files
Beta9 Release
November 25 2020 — • Beta9 release • Updated Unity version to 2019.4.12f1 • Accessibility focus! • Big overhaul to keyboard navigation, elements shoul...
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Beta8 Release
Relatively minor update but I think that's a good sign as the engine is about as polished as can be — I haven't found further bugs or issues after weeks of te...
7 files
Beta7 Update
August 10 2020 — • Beta7 release • New app icon! • Updated Unity version to 2019.4.7f1 • Updated TTS strings for tutorial images to reflect slight cha...
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Beta6 Release
June 25 2020 — • Beta6 release • Fix to the game not unpacking and loading properly in Windows systems due to filename error • Two Patron Commissions...
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Last post
Hi everyone, I posted an update about this back in November but to be clear about it here, there's been some changes wit...
started by Joshua Meadows 30 days ago
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I've only just realised I forgot to put a thread up for the beta, and there have been quite a few releases for it alread...
started by Joshua Meadows May 11, 2019
20 replies
I'm extremely pleased to announce the initial release in the Alcyone: The Last City alpha — Alpha1! Thank you all for...
started by Joshua Meadows Apr 30, 2018
13 replies
since this game has blind friendly tag, is it fully blind accessible? if not, can it be made accessible?
started by darksand123 9 days ago
2 replies
I just tried the demo a couple days ago and this is a really interesting idea and a change of design compared to many ot...
started by ModeGone 26 days ago
1 reply
Its cool it has TTS as an option, but i noticed there is no way to turn off the music, which i like to do anyway after w...
started by Daza May 12, 2019
1 reply
I get a bad directory name error or something like that. I did manage to download the demo from the website version of i...
started by Daza May 08, 2019
3 replies
" Alcyone: The Last City (pronounced Al-Sigh-O-Knee !) is a sci-fi interactive fiction game set in the last City in the...
started by Maxime Martyr Jan 27, 2019
6 replies
I just pre-ordered at the Alpha level, and I noticed that the game already has files available for download, even for th...
started by arashikou Sep 06, 2017
3 replies
At the risk of sounding like an idiot... what exactly am I to do with the files in the Linux 64bits demo version? I gath...
started by Alterion Sep 14, 2017
3 replies