Beta10 Release

Hey all, a relatively small update in terms of fixes (though the fixes are a bit big!) as the engine is pretty much complete aside from a handful of things I've noticed in testing. My primary focus now is wrapping up the rest of the game's writing as all the music and art assets are now more or less in place.

April 20 2021 —

• Beta10 release
• Updated Unity version to 2019.4.24f1
• Further overhaul to controller support
• Fixed an issue with controllers & keyboards where input was sent repeatedly resulting in an unplayable state
• Added an option to the Graphics menu that toggles the Map auto-spin on and off

Files 547 MB
Version 21 Apr 20, 2021 556 MB
Version 20 Apr 20, 2021 552 MB
Version 19 Apr 20, 2021 557 MB
Version 20 Apr 20, 2021

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